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October 30, 2019

Holders can engage in a number of unclaimed property best practices designed to identify areas of potential exposure and develop strategies to mitigate audit risk. This session will address the steps to consider to be ‘audit ready’ from both an accounting and legal perspective. Following our Unclaimed Property Policies and Procedures webinar presented in June 2019, this session is a practical guide for leveraging the policies and procedures developed to create an audit preparedness framework. This framework will reduce the stress of an audit as a holder will be poised to respond timely to audit requests, provide insight and awareness of material GL accounts and property type subject to audit, and strategies to reduce a holder’s unclaimed property liability.

Learning Objectives:

• How a thorough understanding of unclaimed property and strong policies and procedures are the cornerstone of a holder’s best practice framework

• How holders can be prepared and be ‘audit ready’ long before an audit notice arrives

• Legal best practices before and after an audit notice arrives to yield a better audit outcome

• The principle issues in managing a successful audit

Laura Carlson, Director, Unclaimed Property, Altus Group 

With almost 15 years of state and local tax experience, Laura oversees Altus Group’s unclaimed property consulting practice where she has successfully helped our clients mitigate their UP liability both pre and post-acquisition.  Laura has managed and completed numerous Delaware Voluntary Disclosure Agreements and Audit Defense projects. Laura has established a respected list of client relationships and fostered trust with a number of attorneys that specialize in the industry. 

Join co-hosts Altus Group and ReedSmith for Unclaimed Property Best Practices

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