Episode #2

Tama Huang, Dave Stanford and John D’Angelo discuss RE Tech in the time of COVID

Scott Morey and a panel of guests explore the evolution and future of Proptech.

Published on October 5, 2020

Show notes

It's difficult to imagine something in our lives that technology hasn't altered over the course of the past decade. Trends spanning the way we use and interact with the internet, to the power of mobility, have all greatly impacted not only the way we live but the way we work as well.

Following the financial crisis, leveraging technology to improve real estate processes has been a topic spoken about for years. However, stepping away from the hype, has the needle really moved that far?

With a new crisis at hand, many of the same challenges from the past are still being felt across the industry, but this time the conversations are different. COVID-19 is proving to be the catalyst needed to transform talk into action, accelerating the changes that desperately needed to be made.

This week, Scott Morey of One11 Advisory and a panel of guests assess the impact of technology under a critical lens and discuss why conversations arising from today's climate are creating a call to action not seen in the previous cycle.

Are we set to push forward into a new generation of Proptech? Listen to the discussion and find out.

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Our speakers

Scott Morey

Executive Director,
One11 Advisors

About the Next Normal

A crisis typically speeds up what was going to happen anyway.  After the longest CRE expansion anyone can remember, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed forward multiple disruptions to business as usual that have been coming for years.  

This crisis is exposing who was ready for change, and who wasn’t – especially when it comes to leveraging technology strategically.  The winners and losers of the next cycle are being determined by how well companies are positioned to adapt today.

Expectations from operators are changing rapidly.  Landlords are expected to provide service offerings that will only be possible on a modern technology architecture that can support remote requirements, access to information, and integration with new applications/technology.  

Make the investment now to shift your future budget away from custom maintenance effort and customer systems development to benefit from the explosion of new technology solutions that will differentiate the winners in the next cycle.


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Scott has 30 years of experience working in the real estate industry and has worked globally with numerous real estate owners, operators, developers, advisors and users of real estate with the objective of maximizing the value of their holdings.

David Stanford

Founder & Enterprise Managing Consultant,

David Stanford is an Enterprise Managing Consultant and founder of RealFoundations with over 30 years of experience providing strategic financial and operational improvement services to clients in the property and building industries. 

John D'Angelo

Managing  Director,
Deloitte Consulting

John D’Angelo leads the U.S. real estate sector at Deloitte Consulting where he is focused on operational transformation, working primarily with real estate operating companies, investment managers and service providers.

Tama Huang

Chief Innovation Officer,

Tama Huang is Chief Innovation Officer. A member of CohnReznick’s senior leadership team, she leads a culture of innovation – cultivating teaming across the Firm to generate new ideas, implement emerging technologies, and improve procedures to drive growth for the Firm and its people.