Matthew Boukall |  Vice President, Product Management, Data Solutions, Altus Group

Matthew is responsible for product strategy, geographic expansion, and new product development for Data Solutions, focusing on residential and commercial products.  Matthew has led the development of Data Studio, Altus Group's new platform for real estate data visualization.

Matthew is a frequent presenter at Altus Group events, is regularly featured in media, commenting on residential markets across Canada, and has been providing market advice and analysis to new home builders, rental developers, and financial institutions for over 15 years.

33 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1G4

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Stephanie Cochran, SVP of Valuations, American Realty Advisors

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Part 1 (residential): Keeping perspective in a pandemic

Raymond Wong  |  Vice President, Data Operations, Data Solutions, Altus Group

Ray is the Vice President of Data Operations for Altus Group’s Data Solutions team.  Overseeing 60+ researchers across Canada, Ray’s primary responsibility is to ensure data collection is all encompassing, reliable and accurate, and that it adheres to the Altus Group data governance guidelines.

Ray works closely with both internal and external clients to ensure the information meets their needs and that it is both accurate and timely.  He also regularly presents on key market trends to clients and at industry events.


Originally recorded on July 29, 2020

A discussion on how major residential development markets across Canada have been impacted by COVID-19, including a look at macro-economic drivers and policy impacts, and regional perspectives on housing activity and affordability. What are the lessons learned from the past six months, and what is the outlook for the rest of the year?

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State of the Market

A two-part series on the state of residential development and commercial investment markets in Canada



Part 2 (commercial): Changeuncertainty, and the new normal

Originally recorded on August 12, 2020

Over the last few months, we've watched the acceleration of trends in the office, industrial, and retail sectors impact our demand for space – how much we need, and where we need it. What does the latest market activity tell us about where fundamentals are headed and what this might mean for property values and returns in the near future?


Angie Wong  |  Marketing Manager, Altus Group

Angie is responsible for content development and strategic marketing at Altus Group, collaborating with Altus Group's Data Solutions and Expert Services teams across the country to deliver high quality marketing campaigns that focus on audience engagement and customer success.

Prior to her current role, Angie was a Senior Market Analyst on Data Solutions' new home research team in Toronto.  She led the team in the provision of detailed and timely residential development data, as well as insight on local market activity, with the aim of supporting and contributing to a smarter, more informed real estate industry.