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Get an exclusive first-hand account of how things are about to get pretty awesome for ARGUS Enterprise users who want an easier way to move data back and forth between AE and their other solutions.
The ARGUS Training and Support team deliver their best tips and tricks of 2019 to answer your top ARGUS Enterprise questions and discuss how much further your AE property data can go in a more connected ARGUS environment.
We'll cap the day off with an open bar, and a special appearance of the ARGUS Solutions Bar! Please share a drink with our training and support team while they field any AE training or usage questions you have.

ARGUS Data Mining: 
Setting up AE for Information Gold

ARGUS Enterprise User Training:
The Top 10 Tips and Tricks of 2019

ARGUS Enterprise 12.0 and Beyond

What we're doing during this event, by the numbers, with a cool-but-minimalist vertical layout.

Opening Remarks
Scott Cations, VP EMEA, Altus Group

Closing Remarks
Scott Cations, VP EMEA, Altus Group

Panel Discussion: EMEA Property Development Trends
Panellists from across Europe, Middle East and Africa join Scott Morey to discuss how they are responding to industry market forces and challenges, and what strategies they have put in place to deal with them. They’ll also discuss their approach to using data and technology and preparing for another potential downturn.

Global Property Development Trends
Scott Morey, Executive Director, Altus Group presents the findings covering market forces, top challenges, digital transformation and technology, and risks and opportunities facing development firms today.

Product Directions: Meeting the evolving needs and challenges of our customers, Altus Group's Dhinaker Dhandi and Erica Tabrizi reveal new strategies, designs and functions that will define the future of ARGUS products. Also a special word from Yardi's Robert Teal. 


The 2020 Global Property Development Trends Report examines the challenges facing the global development industry and delivers insight into the key business imperatives required to build resilience in the ‘new normal.’

Join us online at 10am (BST) on Wednesday 21 October as we discuss key findings from the report and how organisations in EMEA have responded to the situation over the last few months. 

VP & Global Solutions Architect

Altus Group

Manager, ARGUS Training

Altus Group

Manager, ARGUS Support

Altus Group

ARGUS Data Mining: 
Setting Yourself Up Information Gold

VP & Global Solutions Architect, ARGUS

Altus Group

Mike Goode

Hans Pedersen

Sr. Director, Product Management

Joe Moskowitz

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

James Hutton

Product Manager, ARGUS

Our  Panel Speakers

Keynote Presentation: 

The ARGUS API and Connecting AE to Yardi and VTS

Rick Schwartz

SVP Client Success, ARGUS

Panel Discussion Moderated by

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Digital event: Wednesday 21 October 2020, 10am BST

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Scott Morey

Executive Director
Altus Group

Rob Teel - TBD

Sr. Vice President

Scott Cations

Altus Group

Nigel Allsopp 

Senior Director, Investment 
Strategy & Research


Dana Salbak 

Director, Head of Research
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