Leveraging the Cost Escalation Report | High-rise multi-family

Our presenter


In this webinar, we provided an insider's look at the report, including:

  • what is included in the semi-annual subscription

  • the risks of relying on a single number for estimating construction cost escalation across all trades and asset types

  • how the industry's top professionals can use this report to more accurately understand construction cost escalation by trade

  • using the forecast to make better procurement decisions

  • leveraging historical context for negotiating construction cost escalation claims

and more...

David Schoonjans
Senior Director, Cost & Project Management, Altus Group

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Recorded: March 3, 2020
Duration: 16 minutes

The Cost Escalation Report is a newly launched, semi-annual, series of reports - covering construction cost escalation in the high-rise multi-family sector.  Each subscription covers one of seven (7) key markets across Canada - including:  Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. 

About the report

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 The findings and forecasts are based on models that combine expert opinion from senior advisors at Altus Group, primary research conducted and regional data compiled by Altus Group, and data from Statistics Canada.  Semi-annually, the data is aggregated and ingested through our models; the outputs are refined, assessed relative to Altus Group data sources, and subject to examination against expectations.  

David is our construction cost escalation SME, having held many seniors positions across Canada - for general contractors, developers and consulting firms.

Our clients rely on David to not only better understand project costs and risks, but also to provide that local, regional and national context.

In addition, David leads the data and technology initiatives for the Cost & Project Management business unit. This includes the Cost Escalation Report, the annual Canadian Cost Guide, and technology-enabled cost monitoring and pro forma services.