Navigating your Hotel's Property Taxation through Challenging Times

The Experts

Join the BCHA’s Ingrid Jarrett along with Phil Gertsman and Robert Blouin, hotel assessment experts with Canada’s leading real estate services firm, Altus Group, as they address British Columbia’s hoteliers’ concerns about property taxes and property tax assessment. Altus Group will discuss issues surrounding hotel and motel property tax assessments as well as the levels of taxation levied by the Provincial and municipal governments.

Hotels in British Columbia are being challenged by high levels of taxation and now the devastation brought by COVID-19. The BCHA will be using insights from this webinar to lobby governments for short- and long-term solutions that will help to ensure fairness, equity, and sustainability in the assessment and taxation of our members’ real property.

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Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3

A concise and open discussion about hotel property assessment and taxation.

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Wednesday, June 24th  |  10:00-11:00 AM

Phil Gertsman
Executive Vice President
British Columbia & National Initiatives
Property Tax

Robert Blouin
Senior Consultant
Property Tax