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An introduction to avoiding construction claims

This webinar is perfect for those wanting to learn the basics of building effective claims avoidance strategies. Find out what industry best practices and solutions are used by experienced cost and scheduling experts to avoid delay claims and disputes during development - ultimately saving time and money by forecasting and mitigating potential risks through effective management.

You'll learn:

  • Why investing time and resources during project setup yields dividends during construction
  • How to properly identify, quantify and allocate risks to help you avoid claims
  • How to use change management best practices to stop disputes from escalating
  • The basics of schedule and delay
  • The value of good record keeping
  • And more...

Dan is responsible for handling commercial, schedule, cost and claims matters for owners, developers and contractors as Director of our Contract Solutions team. His focus on scheduling began in 1997 - since that time he has worked as a dedicated scheduler, using his construction expertise and various software platforms to develop comprehensive schedules and using his real world experience to analyze existing project delays.

With over 20 years of experience - including working on large-scale, multi-site projects - Dan understands the complexities of building effective and realistic schedules that help clients avoid claims during pre-construction, live and post-contract mandates.

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Recorded: November 28, 2019 
Duration: 45 minutes

Dan Klitzke
Director, Contract Solutions

Altus Group

Denis Cronin
Senior Consultant, Contract Solutions

Altus Group

Denis is a Senior Consultant with our Contract Solutions team, specializing in scheduling as well as data consolidation and analysis. With 15 years of experience working in various countries and a LLM in Construction Law and Adjudication, Denis uses his proven technical, commercial and legal skills to assist clients with their disputes and claims through detailed analysis and reconciliation of schedule delays, window analysis and productivity and baseline analysis.

Working across all roles and sectors, Denis assists in negotiations using rational and strategic problem-solving skills, ensuring a collaborative and effective process with key client stakeholders.